Teach Your Customers And The Sales Will Follow

content marketing strategyQuality Content Establishes Credibility

How do you build good will with your online brand? Teach your customers how to do something. Something useful.

Sure, your site is pasted with product information, promotions, and eye-catching images, but I’m talking about information that will make your customers’ lives easier.

What Can You Do to Help Your Customer?

Think about your typical customer – not your entire market en masse, but your ideal customer. What’s her name? Her age? Where does she live? Where does she work? How much does she make? Married or single? What does she do for fun? Where does she shop online? Now that you can picture her, it will be easier to figure out what would make her life better.

If you own an accounting firm that caters to small business owners, you can probably think of many things you can teach your typical customer. Maybe there are changes to home office tax write-offs. You could provide reviews of online bookkeeping systems or information about business insurance.

Show Them You’re the Expert

Think about your industry. Are their trends your customer might not know about? New regulations? Show your customers that you’re the expert they can turn to for the latest developments.

High-quality content in the form of relevant information drives sales. It should be a key component of your content marketing strategy. Steptap makes it easy for businesses to provide valuable online content in the form of how-to instructions. Visit steptap.com to get started.

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