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Build Customer Loyalty With How-Tos

Woman with laptop man newspaper in train texting commuting readingTeaching customers how to use your products is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. You want to show your customers that you are interested, first and foremost, in solving their problem.

But loyalty is not won in a day. A strategic customer education marketing campaign requires quality content published daily.

Social media strategist Mack Collier:
“If you consistently create content that creates value for your customers, then they will trust your content. No longer will they go through an internal vetting process to decide if your content is worth paying attention to.”

Teach Your Customers Something Valuable Every Day

At Steptap, we create engaging step-based product “how-tos” and publish them regularly to key sites. These product instructions, called steplists, drive sales in myriad ways:

  • Content that educates increases time spent on your website and encourages return visits
  • Publishing steplists to several channels provides multiple entry points to your business webpage
  • Relevant content helps establish your authority in your niche
  • Steplists allow you to leverage your existing instructional content
  • Widespread online distribution increases your company’s searchability
  • Instructional how-tos integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing efforts

We look forward to creating product how-tos that will make your customers sit up and take notice. Visit steptap.com to get started.

How Can How-Tos Benefit Your Business?

“Self Serve” Content Puts the Customer in Charge

Steptap self serve content marketing.Marketers are depending less and less on traditional marketing because of shifting trends in consumer behavior.  Customers are turning to online sources to learn about companies and products. These channels include company websites, YouTube videos, white papers, business Facebook pages, group-buying sites, and online review sites.

Publish Helpful Content That Fills a Need

Steptap creates and manages step-based instructions that educate your customers on how to use or enjoy your products.

For example,  a company that provides technical support to basic computer users could create a steplist that shows clients how to back up their computer’s contents to an external hard drive. This information is useful to non-technical customers and helps establish the company as an expert in the field.

A potential customer who downloads and uses the instructions would be more likely to hire the company for more complex services.

How-Tos Drive Customers to Your Online Store

Each steplist is a self-contained unit that can be saved, posted, reposted and updated at Steptap.com. As a searchable page, each steplist is an effective SEO tool. Steplists can be easily posted to a business Facebook page, online store, blog, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, or Pinterest board.

Business owners can create their own steplists at steptap.com or let the Steptap content marketing experts create professional steplists for your business. To learn more about how how-tos benefit your business, visit steptap.com.