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Get ‘Em While They’re Hot With Steptap Product How-Tos

Product How-Tos Attract Prospects Ready to Commit

Here is a tale of two customers. For the sake of example, let’s pick a cool product; a personal drone. Naturally, both shoppers consult the internet for information.

Customer A visits a site with reviews of drones. Following that, she reads some blog entries from current drone owners.

Customer B types the following into a search bar: “How do I shoot videos with a drone and watch them on my phone in realtime?” Man making online shopping purchase on laptop with credit card

Who Is Ready to Buy?

Steptap creates product how-tos that show prospects how to use your products. These product instructions attract customers who are ready to purchase.

Target Every Stage of the Buying Cycle

Smart content strategies include pieces designed for every stage of the buying cycle. Does your plan include product how-tos that target prospects ready to commit?

Create Quality Content And Forget About Google Algorithms

Focus On Your Customer First

If your business regularly publishes helpful, relevant content, you will please the search engine Gods. More importantly, you will please your customers and attract new ones.

steptap-blog-quality-content-dogYou Can’t Fool Your Prospects

If you “write for the algorithm” – keyword stuffing, doorway pages and, heaven forbid, invisible text – your prospects will see right through it. They will realize in a split second that you’re kissing up to the search engines and couldn’t care less about them.

Legitimate Search Terms, Quality Content

Steptap product instructions help your customers use, assemble, install, or enjoy your products. They contain natural search phrases: “how to install a pop-up sprinkler head” or “how to set up a wireless router.” Add your product name and show your prospects that your company is the go-to for useful information that solves their problem.

Give Them Product How-tos Where They Are Searching

We publish to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, your business blog and anywhere else your online prospects hang out.

Strategically placed product how-tos are a natural SEO winner. But you don’t care about that – because you focus on your customer, not the algorithm.