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A Relationship Is A Beautiful Thing

picture of happy woman kissing computer monitorTeach Your Customers First

“The smart consumer will opt to buy from the company that’s educated him on the issue and presented him with multiple solutions. That company’s selflessness has built trust — and its ability to teach him has bought his loyalty in the future.” http://www.businessinsider.com

Building trust with face-to face customer service is a luxury unavailable to online sellers. Building trust digitally is a whole different ball game.

You’ve got to draw the prospect to your website and start a dialogue with him or her. The conversation blossoms into a relationship and it’s that trusting relationship that wins the customer’s business.

Instructional Content Establishes a Relationship

Teaching your customers to use your products more effectively strengthens the relationship. Steptap creates and publishes compelling, how-to content that connects with your customers.

Acquisition Through Instruction:

Provide custom content that educates
Start a dialogue
Create a relationship

Visit steptap.com to get started.