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What Is A Content Marketing Strategy?

Publish Relevant Content to Multiple Channels

A content marketing strategy is the system a business uses to design, create and disperse pertinent content to multiple online channels. An effective content marketing strategy targets a distinct, pre-defined customer segment. The goal is to provide content that is relevant and beneficial to the customer or potential customer.

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Steptap Creates Custom Content That Benefits Your Customers

Steptap creates and manages quality content for your customers. Steptap makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create and deliver informative step-based instructions (called steplists) that teach customers how to do something.

Steptap Content Teaches Customers How to Use and Enjoy Your Products

A steplist can demonstrate how to use a product,  assemble a product, or complete a project of interest to the user.  (Of course, a business could issue a steplist that has nothing to do with their products, services, or industry, but that probably wouldn’t be useful to their target customer. We are talking strategy, after all.)

To see how it works, visit steptap.com.