Reinvent Your Pinterest Board With Steptap And Reach More Customers

Reinvent your Pinterest.Reinvent your Pinterest board in 2015 with product how-tos worthy of your phenomenal designs.

If you use your Pinterest board to sell DIY projects, this article is for you. Selling on Pinterest is all about inspiring and teaching your customers how to make that amazing thing for themselves. Unfortunately, customers often get stuck in the middle of the process, give up and look elsewhere for something easier. Why? Inadequate, confusing, or nonexistent project instructions.

If you want to attract and retain DIY customers – show them how! Give them project tutorials that ensure that they can complete and enjoy the masterpiece you designed. Your “easy way” is Steptap at

At Steptap, we have created a powerful platform for quickly creating how-tos that are as visually striking as your Pinterest board, online store, and business Facebook page.

Got two minutes? Check this out: This is a how-to for a fancy greeting card. (We call these how-tos “steplists”.) You can see the required items at the top. Push the BEGIN button directly under the required items. Now you can see each step in order or reverse if you missed something. Imaging your gorgeous Pinterest images dressing up your tutorials. You can also post segments of YouTube videos to play with the associated step.

To create a steplist of your own, go to and create a free account. Once you’ve logged in, you will be greeted with a page of how-to titles. Click the CREATE button at the top right. This will open the self-explanatory steplist template. Go ahead, make a short how-to just to try it out. Maybe something like “How To Tie A Bow.”

You can make this steplist private for now by selecting it from the dropdown on the top right. When you have entered some steps, hit PUBLISH at the bottom. Because it’s marked private, this won’t be published, but I want you to see the cool sharing page. With one click, you can post your craft tutorial to your social media sites. There are URLs for embedding and even a QR code.

Now, your project how-to is not only your customer’s best friend, it is also a powerful SEO tool. If you upgrade your account, you can let your customers purchase directly from a “Required Item” by clicking the link and instantly reaching your checkout page. Or, you can give them a contact form to request more information.

By using Steptap to create project tutorials that actually work, you can create and manage all of your product instructions from one place – your Steptap account. If you update a project, edit the corresponding steplist and send the new instructions to all your online touch points in near realtime.

Here’s another handy feature built into the steplist template: You can time each step so the user can watch the tutorial hands-free. You know roughly how long each step takes, so simply enter the seconds or minutes in the boxes next to the step. When the user hits BEGIN, the steplist will advance according to your pre-determined timing. This is nice for any craft or sewing project but also works great for recipes, home repair, hair and makeup, fitness routines – anything that requires both hands.

There’s more! With an upgraded account, you can dress up your steplists to match your online store, Pinterest board, or Facebook page. Your steplists become a natural extension of your on- or offline marketing.

Reinvent your Pinterest board in 2015 with product how-tos worthy of your fantastic projects.

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