Do You Have A Plan For How-To Content?

Starting From Scratch?

Perhaps you just launched a start-up. Perhaps your small business has been humming along nicely without a plan but you realize that your competitors are pulling ahead.

Perhaps you can’t afford a full-time marketing director.  Perhaps you’ve had a haphazard approach thus far: sporadic blog posts, an all-but-ignored Facebook page, and a poorly-managed Google Adwords campaign.

We understand. Content marketing takes time and dedication. If you are a small business owner, you are probably too busy running your business to spend a lot of time creating effective online content.

Consumers Seek Relevant Product Information

If you are creating or updating your content management strategy, be sure to include Customer Education in the form of relevant product how-tos.

Customers Respond to Concise How-To Content

Show potential customers how to use your products. Solve a problem for them or make life easier for them in some way. At Steptap, we create step-based product instructions that are the foundation for any successful content marketing plan.

Product Instructions Are Useless On Page Twenty

Mandolin Over RedI started playing the mandolin about twenty years ago. In that period of my life, I didn’t search online every time I needed to learn how to do something. I can’t even remember if I had internet in my home in 1994.

Customers Seek Informative Product Instructions

The first time I needed to replace my mandolin strings, I figured that it couldn’t be too hard so I went at it. I discovered that it was more complicated than I thought. I couldn’t attach them securely to the tuning pegs and the strings were flying everywhere. I ended up taking it to a professional to straighten out my mess. Every few months, I paid another twenty-five bucks to have it restrung.

Now any beginning mandolin player can easily find online product instructions which saves time and money.

Customers Trust Companies Who Educate

What brand of strings do I buy? I buy from the company who helped me out the first time. They provided concise instructions and – this is critical – appeared on the first page of my initial Google search.

How-to information is useless if it is buried on page twenty. Thus: quality content must be search engine optimized for your customers to find it.

Steptap Creates Content That Helps Your Customers Use Your Products

Product instructions improve search engine rankings. At Steptap, we create and publish engaging product instructions called steplists.  Each steplist is a self-contained how-to and searchable page. Each steplist also generates its own unique QR code that can be downloaded or printed on packaging or marketing materials.

To see how it works, visit

Build Customer Loyalty With How-Tos

Woman with laptop man newspaper in train texting commuting readingTeaching customers how to use your products is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. You want to show your customers that you are interested, first and foremost, in solving their problem.

But loyalty is not won in a day. A strategic customer education marketing campaign requires quality content published daily.

Social media strategist Mack Collier:
“If you consistently create content that creates value for your customers, then they will trust your content. No longer will they go through an internal vetting process to decide if your content is worth paying attention to.”

Teach Your Customers Something Valuable Every Day

At Steptap, we create engaging step-based product “how-tos” and publish them regularly to key sites. These product instructions, called steplists, drive sales in myriad ways:

  • Content that educates increases time spent on your website and encourages return visits
  • Publishing steplists to several channels provides multiple entry points to your business webpage
  • Relevant content helps establish your authority in your niche
  • Steplists allow you to leverage your existing instructional content
  • Widespread online distribution increases your company’s searchability
  • Instructional how-tos integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing efforts

We look forward to creating product how-tos that will make your customers sit up and take notice. Visit to get started.

How Can How-Tos Benefit Your Business?

“Self Serve” Content Puts the Customer in Charge

Steptap self serve content marketing.Marketers are depending less and less on traditional marketing because of shifting trends in consumer behavior.  Customers are turning to online sources to learn about companies and products. These channels include company websites, YouTube videos, white papers, business Facebook pages, group-buying sites, and online review sites.

Publish Helpful Content That Fills a Need

Steptap creates and manages step-based instructions that educate your customers on how to use or enjoy your products.

For example,  a company that provides technical support to basic computer users could create a steplist that shows clients how to back up their computer’s contents to an external hard drive. This information is useful to non-technical customers and helps establish the company as an expert in the field.

A potential customer who downloads and uses the instructions would be more likely to hire the company for more complex services.

How-Tos Drive Customers to Your Online Store

Each steplist is a self-contained unit that can be saved, posted, reposted and updated at As a searchable page, each steplist is an effective SEO tool. Steplists can be easily posted to a business Facebook page, online store, blog, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, or Pinterest board.

Business owners can create their own steplists at or let the Steptap content marketing experts create professional steplists for your business. To learn more about how how-tos benefit your business, visit

Do Your Customers Know How To Use Your Products?

Steptap content marketingI have no natural aptitude for operating electronic gadgets. I have had my current phone for two years and my kids keep pointing out tools on it that I have never noticed or used. (Mom, you don’t need to use mapquest on your laptop, you have two navigation apps on your phone!)

I recently bought a bluetooth speaker for an iPod. To set it up, I had to make the iPod “discoverable” by the speaker. Don’t laugh, but I had no idea how to do it. I had to consult the instructions printed in 8 point font on a tiny insert that came with it. After reading the instructions, I performed the simple task quite easily.

The point: don’t assume that your customers know how to use your products. Even if the how-to instructions for assembly or operation only require one or two steps – those steps are critical. The speaker was of no use to me until I learned how to set it up. If there had not been instructions included, I would have had to waste time looking online or, worse, ask my 11 year-old daughter.

Customers Trust Companies That Teach Them

If you provide a product that requires step-by-step instructions, you can easily create how-tos at Or we can create them for you. These instructions can then be downloaded, used, and shared by your customers.

Quality Content Includes Useful Step-by-Step Instructions

Concise, step-by-step instructions are a critical component of a successful content marketing plan. To learn how our step-based instruction creation tool can increase conversion rates, extend average time spent on your company website, and boost marketing ROI, see

We can help you teach your customers how to use and enjoy your products. Let us know when you are ready to get started.

Why CMOs Trust Content Marketing

Steptap Engaging Content MarketingIt is no secret that content marketing is increasing in importance to CMOs.

Here are some recent numbers from Demand Metric’s Content Marketing Infographic:1

  • 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing.
  • 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing.

Why do CMOs trust content marketing? In short, it works.

TV watchers skip ads, online customers unsubscribe from company emails, and glossy direct mail pieces end up in recycle bins without even a glance. When was the last time you bought something because you received a brochure in the mail?

80% of people appreciate learning about a company through content that is relevant, valuable, and personalized.1

Today’s consumer is proactive in researching companies and products online. They respond to quality, custom content that teaches them how to use or enjoy a company’s products or services.

Steptap makes it easy for marketers to create custom step-based how-to instructions as part of their inbound marketing techniques. CMOs prefer content marketing because quality content builds trust among customers (B2B and B2C) and increases conversion rates.

Ready to start your engaging content marketing?

1“Content Marketing Infographic,” Demand Metric, accessed March 31, 2014

Why Your Business Should Transition To Inbound Marketing

Steptap Inbound MarketingAdopting an inbound strategy doubles average website conversion rates, from 6% to 12%.1

Traditional Marketing Can Turn Customers Off

As opposed to aggressive online advertising – “Buy now and get a free tote bag!” – inbound marketing educates your customers through podcasts, white papers, social media pages, business blogs, videos and other platforms.

Inbound Marketing Costs Less and Works Better

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates approximately 3 times as many leads.1

The most effective inbound marketing:

  • Is relevant
  • Is engaging
  • Educates customers
  • Is transparent
  • Is custom
  • Is customer-focused
  • Fills a need or makes life better
  • Is integrated across all channels

We Create Custom Step-Based Instructions That Educate Your Customers

At, we create custom, branded step-based how-to instructions (called steplists) that teach your customers how to use or enjoy your products. Search engine optimized how-tos are a key component of effective inbound marketing efforts.

Need help with your content marketing? We’ll take care of it for your company!

1“Content Marketing Infographic,” Demand Metric, accessed March 31, 2014

Teach Your Customers And The Sales Will Follow

content marketing strategyQuality Content Establishes Credibility

How do you build good will with your online brand? Teach your customers how to do something. Something useful.

Sure, your site is pasted with product information, promotions, and eye-catching images, but I’m talking about information that will make your customers’ lives easier.

What Can You Do to Help Your Customer?

Think about your typical customer – not your entire market en masse, but your ideal customer. What’s her name? Her age? Where does she live? Where does she work? How much does she make? Married or single? What does she do for fun? Where does she shop online? Now that you can picture her, it will be easier to figure out what would make her life better.

If you own an accounting firm that caters to small business owners, you can probably think of many things you can teach your typical customer. Maybe there are changes to home office tax write-offs. You could provide reviews of online bookkeeping systems or information about business insurance.

Show Them You’re the Expert

Think about your industry. Are their trends your customer might not know about? New regulations? Show your customers that you’re the expert they can turn to for the latest developments.

High-quality content in the form of relevant information drives sales. It should be a key component of your content marketing strategy. Steptap makes it easy for businesses to provide valuable online content in the form of how-to instructions. Visit to get started.

What Is A Content Marketing Strategy?

Publish Relevant Content to Multiple Channels

A content marketing strategy is the system a business uses to design, create and disperse pertinent content to multiple online channels. An effective content marketing strategy targets a distinct, pre-defined customer segment. The goal is to provide content that is relevant and beneficial to the customer or potential customer.

Young African American woman using laptop on steps outdoors

Steptap Creates Custom Content That Benefits Your Customers

Steptap creates and manages quality content for your customers. Steptap makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create and deliver informative step-based instructions (called steplists) that teach customers how to do something.

Steptap Content Teaches Customers How to Use and Enjoy Your Products

A steplist can demonstrate how to use a product,  assemble a product, or complete a project of interest to the user.  (Of course, a business could issue a steplist that has nothing to do with their products, services, or industry, but that probably wouldn’t be useful to their target customer. We are talking strategy, after all.)

To see how it works, visit

Why Steptap Should Be Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Quality Content Brings Customers to Your Business

Fact: The overwhelming majority of customers consult online sites before making purchasing decisions – between 87 and 95 percent depending on the study.

“Today, the collective voice of the internet is eclipsing the persuasive power of family, friends or colleagues when it comes to influencing purchase decisions,” Dave Senay, CEO of the research firm Fleishman-Hillard.

Fact: Consumers use, on average, 8 different online media sources to find product information.

Fact: Because of this fragmentation (which has increased sharply in the past five years and continues its upward trend), it is critical for business owners to market on multiple platforms including online stores, product review sites, social media, blogs and hard media. The gateway to all of these channels is the search engine. SEO is king.

According to Brafton:

“Consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer custom content. Creating original content aimed at informing consumers or B2B buyers without aggressive selling language will help businesses appeal to new prospects.” 1

Your Customers Want Useful Information

Fact: The most valuable content teaches the customer how to do something useful. Clear, concise and helpful content is preferred by today’s short-attention users including millennials.

“Marketers need to maximize their online channels to make it easy for consumers to interact with and access information about their brands.” 2

Steptap Creates Engaging, Searchable Content for Your Company

Visit to learn more about why you need custom Steptap content as part of your content marketing strategy.

1  “Content Marketing,” Brafton, accessed on March 25, 2014

2 “2012 Digital Influence Index Shows Internet as Leading Influence in Consumer Purchasing Choices,” Fleishman-Hillard, January 31, 2012,, accessed on March 25, 2014