Amazon Private Label Brands: Save on Returns and Support

Good product instructions save money for online retailers

Fix Your Instructions For Greater Profitability

Customers are less likely to return products when assembly or setup is quick and easy. If your customer hasn’t figured things out within 20 minutes of opening your product, they will consider returning it or calling customer support. Both scenarios cost you money.

  • On average, customers return 30 percent of the products they purchase online.
  • The average return represents a loss of 30 percent of the purchase price.
  • The average margin for a product purchased online is 10 percent.

Poor Instructions Cost You Money In More Returns

With narrow margins, you need to save money wherever you can. Lousy instructions cost you in at least three ways:

  • More product returns.
  • Increased customer support costs.
  • Fewer repeat sales.

Poor instructions can be as harmful as poor quality products. Don’t let bad instructions shrink your bottom line.

Amazon Private Label Brands Use Steptap For Clear, Concise Product Instructions

Steptap is an online platform that allows you to create step-by-step product instructions complete with images and video. Your customers can download the instructions and view them on a mobile device while setting up your product. You can brand Steptap instructions to blend seamlessly with your existing marketing. You can easily manage and update your product instructions when necessary.

Steptap Product Instructions Link To Your Review Page

Steptap product instructions contain a link to your review page so customers can easily leave a product review. And there’s no better time for a happy customer to leave a review than when they have successfully completed a hassle-free setup process!

Download our white paper “Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Your Amazon private label brand is not complete with the Steptap seal.

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