Amazon Private Label Brands Improve SEO With Steptap Product Instructions

Amazon reseller SEO

Product Instructions Are Critical For Amazon Private Label Brands

Amazon private label brands face a sea of competition. Yet they often ignore the SEO potential of online product instructions.

Steptap makes it easy for Amazon sellers to create and manage online product instructions.

  • Organic searches account for an average of 73 percent of all traffic to a retail site.
  • Consumers search to solve problems more than they search for a specific product.
  • Product instructions answer solution searches.

Product Instructions Capture Product Research Searches

When a product tutorial exists online, it is an indexable page that contains the exact phrases potential customers use to research.

  • Amazon private label brands with online product instructions have an SEO edge over companies with paper instructions.
  • Product instructions capture searches at a critical phase in the sales funnel—during product research.

Improve Brand Awareness And Credibility

Amazon private label brands can brand Steptap product instructions. It’s quick, easy, and affordable to create effective product instructions that improve search rankings.

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Download our white paper Why Instructions Should Be Your First Thought, Not An Afterthought to learn more about the Amazon best practice your competitors are ignoring.


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