Welcome to Steptap For Business!

Welcome to Steptap Biz.
This is our business companion site where we will discuss using Steptap for business applications.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime go secure your free Steptap account before someone else grabs your username.

A few articles to get you started:

How To Create Outstanding How-to Instructions, Quick and Easy

How to create a how-to in Steptap.This brief introduction links to a steplist on how to use Steptap to create a how-to that can be shared, printed, or embedded; a great way to satisfy customer service questions, efficiently.


The Secret To Creating Great How-To Content


In this article, we discuss using the Steptap platform to help you create terrific, manageable content that you can deliver to your customers. Better still, we have designed Steptap to be an SEO powerhouse, so your content can work for you in more ways than one.


Using Steptap To Establish Your Company As An Authority


In this brief overview, we discuss using Steptap to gain the attention of new customers, satisfy existing customer needs for answers, instructions and support, and engaging with your community of users and stakeholders.


8 Content Marketing Objectives That Increase Sales

8 content marketing objectives that increase sales

Is your content strategy hitting all eight of these essential sales-driving marketing objectives? Check out this quick overview of 8 important content marketing objectives that Steptap can help make easier for you.