Amazon Private Labels: Monitor Your Product Return Analytics

Reduce product returns

Customers Return $32 Billion In Online Purchases

The cost of product returns for online sales during last year’s holiday season amounted to nearly $32 billion. This year, online retailers will continue to lose revenue to returns. E-commerce—even with all its advantages—has a return rate at least three times that of in-store purchases.

You know that a high rate of product returns can break your business. And while it is impossible to reduce the rate to zero, even a modest decrease has an outsize effect on profitability.

Since customers return products for a variety of reasons, where should you focus your efforts?

First off, you need to know why your customers are sending things back:

  • The buyer ordered the wrong item
  • The buyer no longer needs the item
  • The item was a gift that the receiver doesn’t want
  • The product doesn’t match the description
  • The wrong item was shipped
  • The product is defective
  • The customer can’t assemble or set up the product

While you can’t do much about bad gift-giving, basic online best practices can reduce returns for many of these categories. Accurate product descriptions, effective fulfillment operations, and competent support reps are essential.

Identify Your High Return Items

Amazon sellers with high return rates can monitor their analytics and customer reviews to understand what’s going on. You might discover that just one or two products are returned at a higher rate. Read the reviews and talk to your support reps to find out why.

Are Your Product Guides To Blame?

If customers find it difficult to assemble your products, your instructions or product guides may be inadequate. Fortunately, that’s an easy one to remedy.

At Steptap, we create product instructions that help your customers get the most out of your products. When your buyers get your products up and running quickly and easily, they are less likely to return them.

That’s money in your pocket.

Download our white paper  Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought. to learn more.

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Amazon Private Label Brands: Save on Returns and Support

Good product instructions save money for online retailers

Fix Your Instructions For Greater Profitability

Customers are less likely to return products when assembly or setup is quick and easy. If your customer hasn’t figured things out within 20 minutes of opening your product, they will consider returning it or calling customer support. Both scenarios cost you money.

  • On average, customers return 30 percent of the products they purchase online.
  • The average return represents a loss of 30 percent of the purchase price.
  • The average margin for a product purchased online is 10 percent.

Poor Instructions Cost You Money In More Returns

With narrow margins, you need to save money wherever you can. Lousy instructions cost you in at least three ways:

  • More product returns.
  • Increased customer support costs.
  • Fewer repeat sales.

Poor instructions can be as harmful as poor quality products. Don’t let bad instructions shrink your bottom line.

Amazon Private Label Brands Use Steptap For Clear, Concise Product Instructions

Steptap is an online platform that allows you to create step-by-step product instructions complete with images and video. Your customers can download the instructions and view them on a mobile device while setting up your product. You can brand Steptap instructions to blend seamlessly with your existing marketing. You can easily manage and update your product instructions when necessary.

Steptap Product Instructions Link To Your Review Page

Steptap product instructions contain a link to your review page so customers can easily leave a product review. And there’s no better time for a happy customer to leave a review than when they have successfully completed a hassle-free setup process!

Download our white paper “Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Your Amazon private label brand is not complete with the Steptap seal.

Amazon Private Label Brands Improve SEO With Steptap Product Instructions

Amazon reseller SEO

Product Instructions Are Critical For Amazon Private Label Brands

Amazon private label brands face a sea of competition. Yet they often ignore the SEO potential of online product instructions.

Steptap makes it easy for Amazon sellers to create and manage online product instructions.

  • Organic searches account for an average of 73 percent of all traffic to a retail site.
  • Consumers search to solve problems more than they search for a specific product.
  • Product instructions answer solution searches.

Product Instructions Capture Product Research Searches

When a product tutorial exists online, it is an indexable page that contains the exact phrases potential customers use to research.

  • Amazon private label brands with online product instructions have an SEO edge over companies with paper instructions.
  • Product instructions capture searches at a critical phase in the sales funnel—during product research.

Improve Brand Awareness And Credibility

Amazon private label brands can brand Steptap product instructions. It’s quick, easy, and affordable to create effective product instructions that improve search rankings.

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.

Download our white paper Why Instructions Should Be Your First Thought, Not An Afterthought to learn more about the Amazon best practice your competitors are ignoring.


Online Reviews Are More Important Than Ever

Reviews are critical for sales

If you are a retailer, you are concerned about online reviews. And rightly so. Online reviews are one of the most important factors in purchasing decisions. And their importance increased even more in 2018.

Since 2010, the SEO experts at BrightLocal have been tracking how online reviews affect local purchasing decisions.

BrightLocal’s  2018 survey was released last week. Here are some key findings that all retailers should pay attention to.

  • 57% of customers will only buy from a business if it is rated at least 4 stars by customers.
  • 90% of 18-34 year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Customers read an average of 10 online reviews before deciding to trust a local business.
  • 80% of 18-34 year-olds have written online reviews.

These numbers increased over 2017 and there is no reason to believe the trend won’t continue.

Bad Product Instructions = Bad Reviews

If your customers can’t figure out how to assemble, set up, or otherwise use your products, you are at risk of negative online reviews and lowered star rankings. In short, bad instructions can lower your sales.

Great product instructions inspire positive reviews. Are your instructions up to par?

At Steptap, we’re product instruction experts. Download our free white paper to learn why you should optimize your instructions for positive online reviews.

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.Download our white paper titled “Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought” and learn how to improve your customer reviews with better instructions.

Our Instructions White Paper Is Available!

Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.Are your product instructions an afterthought? They shouldn’t be.

Download our new white paper titled “Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.” and learn why your product instructions are critical to your sales success.

Instructions are your first experience with your customer after they have bought your product. It is the first time they are handling your product, whether assembling or using.

This is your chance to make a good first impression.

First impressions are important in today’s online retail marketplace. Good first impressions can result in positive reviews. Positive reviews translate into new sales and great word-of-mouth.

Negative reviews can bring your sales to a screeching halt. Worse, they can erode consumer trust and loyalty.

Our new white paper titled “Instructions Should Be Your First Thought. Not An Afterthought.” is now available.

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The Steptap App Is Here!

The Steptap App QR Code ReaderWhen your business uses Steptap to create, manage and share your instructions, we help you get them in to the hands of your employees and customers with advanced sharing tools.

Our advanced sharing tools include custom QR Code generation that gives you the ability to include your instructions on product packaging, labels, and at point-of-use locations.

Now you have an easy, and free, way to scan QR Codes with your mobile device; The Steptap App!

The Steptap App is a free application that scans QR Codes and opens the resulting page in Safari on your mobile Apple device.

The Steptap App is currently available for free in the iTunes App Store.

Download the Steptap App.

Reinvent Your Pinterest Board With Steptap And Reach More Customers

Reinvent your Pinterest.Reinvent your Pinterest board in 2015 with product how-tos worthy of your phenomenal designs.

If you use your Pinterest board to sell DIY projects, this article is for you. Selling on Pinterest is all about inspiring and teaching your customers how to make that amazing thing for themselves. Unfortunately, customers often get stuck in the middle of the process, give up and look elsewhere for something easier. Why? Inadequate, confusing, or nonexistent project instructions.

If you want to attract and retain DIY customers – show them how! Give them project tutorials that ensure that they can complete and enjoy the masterpiece you designed. Your “easy way” is Steptap at

At Steptap, we have created a powerful platform for quickly creating how-tos that are as visually striking as your Pinterest board, online store, and business Facebook page.

Got two minutes? Check this out: This is a how-to for a fancy greeting card. (We call these how-tos “steplists”.) You can see the required items at the top. Push the BEGIN button directly under the required items. Now you can see each step in order or reverse if you missed something. Imaging your gorgeous Pinterest images dressing up your tutorials. You can also post segments of YouTube videos to play with the associated step.

To create a steplist of your own, go to and create a free account. Once you’ve logged in, you will be greeted with a page of how-to titles. Click the CREATE button at the top right. This will open the self-explanatory steplist template. Go ahead, make a short how-to just to try it out. Maybe something like “How To Tie A Bow.”

You can make this steplist private for now by selecting it from the dropdown on the top right. When you have entered some steps, hit PUBLISH at the bottom. Because it’s marked private, this won’t be published, but I want you to see the cool sharing page. With one click, you can post your craft tutorial to your social media sites. There are URLs for embedding and even a QR code.

Now, your project how-to is not only your customer’s best friend, it is also a powerful SEO tool. If you upgrade your account, you can let your customers purchase directly from a “Required Item” by clicking the link and instantly reaching your checkout page. Or, you can give them a contact form to request more information.

By using Steptap to create project tutorials that actually work, you can create and manage all of your product instructions from one place – your Steptap account. If you update a project, edit the corresponding steplist and send the new instructions to all your online touch points in near realtime.

Here’s another handy feature built into the steplist template: You can time each step so the user can watch the tutorial hands-free. You know roughly how long each step takes, so simply enter the seconds or minutes in the boxes next to the step. When the user hits BEGIN, the steplist will advance according to your pre-determined timing. This is nice for any craft or sewing project but also works great for recipes, home repair, hair and makeup, fitness routines – anything that requires both hands.

There’s more! With an upgraded account, you can dress up your steplists to match your online store, Pinterest board, or Facebook page. Your steplists become a natural extension of your on- or offline marketing.

Reinvent your Pinterest board in 2015 with product how-tos worthy of your fantastic projects.

How To Create Outstanding How-to Instructions, Quick and Easy

How to create a steplist in steptap.

Steptap is a new content platform that helps you create, manage and share your own how-to instructions. And it makes it easy.

Steptap is perfect for DIY bloggers, YouTubers, and businesses who need to create, manage and share instructions or process documentation for their products.

We have created the ultimate how-to make a how-to, which amounts to a guided tour of the Steptap creation process.

Don’t let the length frighten you; this just goes through all the wonderful features we have built in, and explains each one in brief detail.

Here it is: How To Create A How-to In Steptap

Steptap vs eHow – A Comparison Of Content Creation

Steptap steplist on fixing a shower faucet from Delta.As an up-and-coming how-to platform for business, Steptap is preparing to endure comparative scrutiny. There are other solutions out there, but none can compare with our tools for helping businesses Create, Manage and Share their own step-by-step instructions.

We recently had the opportunity to compare our content with that of eHow. In a real-world case study, Steptap demonstrates that a focus on a consistent, easy-to-use template for creating how-to content  provides a remarkable finish both in useability and content.

Our linking and sharing tools provide additional benefit for companies wanting to turn their content into engaging marketing collateral for customers searching for solutions on the web.


Take a moment to compare the following two articles about adjusting the temperature stop on a Delta faucet.

You will notice that the Steptap how-to features links, formatted text, images and sharing tools. Our site is designed to provide businesses with the best way to market their business with engaging how-to content.

Steptap lead collectionSteptap business users also have the ability to take advantage of built in lead-collection. At the end of every steplist you will find a lead form that sends user inquiries directly to the designated account manager at your business.

Steptap is the best way to Create, Manage and Share your business how-tos, instructions and process documentation.

We would love to hear what you think about this comparison.

Start an account for free today at


The Secret To Creating Great How-To Content


If you are reading this article you probably already know that you need well-formatted how-to content for your product or service.

Useful product instructions create positive customer experiences – and nothing frustrates a customer as quickly as ineffective instructions that are hard to use, inaccessible, or out-of-date. Happy customers who know exactly how to use your products buy from you again, tell their friends how awesome you are, and are less likely to return a product because they couldn’t figure how to make it work.

Before you continue with the rest of this article, go here: When the page loads, click the big yellow button that says BEGIN.

First, you will see a list of things you will need to complete the task. Below the required items is a set of instructions that explains how to change your oil. You can click through each step, stop, or go back to a previous step.

Next, go to Open a free account – it will only take a minute. Now you can create your own set of how-to instructions just like the one you just looked at. When you have entered a username and password, you are ready to rock.

Click CREATE in the upper right hand corner. A template will open. This is your tool for making product tutorials that your customers will love. We call each set of instructions a steplist, but you can think of it as an easy-to-create-and-manage how-to for your business content marketing.

For the purposes of this article, start creating a short how-to by populating the fields. The first field is the title. The next few fields help Google index the page.

Go ahead, create a steplist for a simple three-step process so you can see how Steptap works. Maybe “How To Toast A Bagel,” or “How To Make A Cup Of Coffee.”

At Steptap, we have created a powerful platform for writing effective product and process how-tos. Each how-to instruction is a Google-indexed searchable page that links directly to your website (or anywhere you want). If you use the nifty timing feature, customers can play the steplist on their smart phone or iPad and set up your product hands-free. The steps, complete with pictures, diagrams or video, will advance automatically as your customer completes each step in the process.

Now, let’s talk about the Steptap features that are less apparent but equally impressive. Have you finished your short steplist? Press PUBLISH on the bottom of the template when it’s complete (don’t worry, you can edit it after it’s published). A page will open with one-click sharing and embed tools.

Steptap how-tos can be posted to your online store, embedded in your blog, featured on your company Facebook page, shared on Pinterest, added to your YouTube channel, or downloaded from a self-generated QR code.

Steptap product instructions help your customers buy, use, assemble, install, or enjoy your products. These self-serve product instructions appeal to busy customers who want to quickly figure out how to do it. They don’t want to search the index of a user’s manual or watch a rambling, amateur YouTube video. They contain natural search phrases: “how to install a pop-up sprinkler head” or “how to set up a wireless router” to attract prospects who are searching for something specific.

If you upgrade your Steptap account, you can add your company’s branding so your product instructions blend seamlessly with your marketing. Branding includes the ability to upload your logo for the top of each tutorial and gives you complete control over the colors and background image.

Upgrading your Steptap account to private branding also allows you to add your own backlinks from the top of the page as well as embedded links in the Required Items section for direct purchase. You will also see the inclusion of a lead capture page at the end of each of your steplists encouraging readers to contact you for more information about your product or service.

Visit to learn more about keeping customers happy with relevant how-to content.